"All of the girls that work at The Perfect Dress are trendy, kind, and were my personal hype team! I felt so special and FOUND MY DREAM DRESS! Sydnee took the time to get to know me, my love story, and my style! I feel like we’re already best friends! 10000000% would recommend!"

Lauren H.

"My stylist Izzy was AMAZING! And the whole staff! I found my perfect dress and it was the first one I tried on! I was so nervous going in. They made the experience so stress free!"

Aleia R.

"Honestly the best wedding dress shop in the state! Everybody there was so kind, helpful, and genuine. They work with you and your budget and do everything they can to get you into the dress you want. I had such an amazing and memorable experience and they made everything so great for my family, friends, and I. I will recommend this place to everyone I know and to anyone who is looking for a dress!"

Shae S.

"Absolutely loves my experience at the Perfect Dress! This was the first store I went to (based on glowing reviews from friends), and the 2nd gown I tried on was the PERFECT dress. Ariel was an amazing stylist, gave excellent advice, and expert opinions. I could not have been more pleased with the hour and a half that I spent here."

Hannah R.

"Hayley was sooo amazing! She helped me find exactly what I was looking for and she was so sweet! She made me feel so good about myself and didn’t make me feel pressured at all! I would recommend the perfect dress to everyone! I would rate them higher than 5 stars!"

Kayli H.

"My wedding dress shopping experience was absolutely wonderful! Sydnee was so attentive, friendly, listened to what I said, and was extremely patient and helpful. She encouraged me to take my time, try on my favorites multiple times - and helped me and my girlfriends have fun in the process! I found my perfect dress today and I have Sydnee and The Perfect Dress to thank."

Sara L.

"Had the best experience here! Ariel was amazing at finding dresses that fit my style and budget. Ariel and the staff were determined to make my day special and helped me to feel confident in my own skin. I said yes to the dress the same day of my first appointment!"

Grace T.

"I absolutely LOVED my experience here at the perfect dress! I drove 2 1/2 hours away from Idaho to come here and it was so worth it!!! From the moment you walk in the girls make you feel so special. Sydnee helped me and she was SO sweet, patient, KIND, helpful and thanks to her I found THE PERFECT DRESS for my big day! Not only was Sydnee amazing and helpful, all the other girls were just as amazing!! You don’t feel judged and the girls are so sweet and welcoming and you feel like you’re in such a positive environment. They are the best hype girls ever and I would 1000/10 recommend going here to get your dress!!"

Taeya K.

"Hayley at the perfect dress saw my vision and helped me so so much to make my dreams come true!! She was supportive and honest and so much fun to have!! The experience especially with covid was safe, clean and wonderful. I am so thankful that they truly helped me find the perfect dress!!"

Lauryn J.

"Like most of you, I read all of the reviews I could find before checking out The Perfect Dress. I had my doubts because I'm the oldest child in my family and my parents never did the wedding thing so we were definitely in uncharted territory. We worked with Ariel and let me tell you, she was absolutely phenomenal!!

As soon as we arrived she did a little mini consult with me about my wedding, venue, colors, ideas, all sorts of stuff and also tried to get to know me personally then she pulled a couple dresses and my party and I pulled a couple. Now I was thinking this would be the first stop in a long search for a dress, because I was super unsure about what I was wanting. So we picked all different styles, colors, fits, etc to help narrow down. The first dress I tried on was to weed out ball gowns (just not my thing but my mom insisted I still try one), and the second one was one of Ariel's picks.

Now me showing up with purple streaks in my hair, she wanted me to try a different color of dress that was a little more edgy and alternative. Well I absolutely fell in love, the dress she pulled was nothing like I'd ever seen before. It had a taupey-purple under layer with subtle detailing throughout and so much depth, while the bodice was lacey and traditional. It's absolutely stunning. I put it on and instantly felt like a million bucks. Still, I didn't want to settle quite yet so I tried on 9 other dresses and narrowed it down to the few. I retried on the original dress 4 times and was still on the fence. Unfortunately we took a bit longer than expected so Ariel's next bride had arrived. Still, she ran herself all over in order to keep up with both of us. Like I said, she is absolutely phenomenal. So I'm here trying on this original dress for the 4th time and I'm still unsure because it's nothing like what I thought I wanted. But then she pulled out this gorgeous veil that tied it back into my original idea and then I knew.

Now real quick, due to covid restrictions you're only able to have two people with you and my family consists of 3 others. So my moms and sister were rotating from the car and being inside the whole appointment, but Ariel sensed that I was a little nervous to say yes without them all being there so she was so super kind enough to allow them to all come in at once so I could officially say yes to the dress. Also, for those of you with smaller budgets, we stayed well under $2000 with the dress, veil, and shipping! All in all, It was such an amazing experience and I am so very impressed with Ariel's eye for the bridal industry. I feel like she really got to know me on a personal level and made this whole thing a breeze. She is an absolute gem and there are not enough stars to give this place. Thank you guys so so much!"

Brooklynn F.